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In the 1990s, Kaya a gifted Reggae musician gets entangled in the political turmoils of his native island of Mauritius - eventually becoming a victim of racism and police brutality, killed in Alcatraz prison, Mauritius


The global call for black lives to matter is a rallying cry for all black lives staring for liberation and equal justice.

Kaya´s legacy as a charismatic visionary musician continues to inspire contemporary music lovers and generations of artists who believe in the power of music.

KAYA - Paradise is Burning
Fictional Music Entertainment /Drama
Writers Room : Heiser & Roberts, Berlin
Producer : Michel Morales / Robert Stanic
Casting : Phil Martin
Shooting : Q1/2022


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GREAT WATERFALL FILMS is driven and committed to consistently find new ways to improve the creative product, find efficient solutions
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Film Rebate Scheme

Up to 40% Cash Film Rebate for qualifying production expenditures incurred in Mauritius in collaboration with the BOI.

The Government’s strong vision of a cinematographic industry has been modfied in 2016 where more provisions were made for the development of Mauritius as a Film Making Destination fully geared towards pre-production, principal photography, dubbing, post-production and animation and easy access to film incentives.

Foreign and local crew labour costs | Production Service Company fees | Actors fees / Extras Rental of camera and lighting equipment | Travel & Flights, Accomodation in Mauritius Scouting & Catering Location fees | Audio rentals | Casting | Construction & Craft services Set dressing & rental & purchase of props Special & Visual effects services | Stunt services Insurance and accounting services | Rental of marine vehicles Rental of helicopters and aeroplanes | Ground transport and facility vehicle services | Post Production (picture and sound) Rental of studio, warehouse and storage facilities | Security services | Shipping &Telecommunications | Wardrobe rentals

*production of films for export will be zero rated for vat purposes
*exempting the importation of technical equipment for use in film making from customs duty


Content & Budget approval

Contract Film Service Co.

Submission of Application

Production Schedule

Production Crew

First Cost Breakdown

Film Rebate Scheme

Approval Letter


Production Management

Principal Photography

Start specific account proceedings

Prepare expentiture Verification

Production Payments by local ban


Record of selected expenditures

Procedures to verify conformity of expenditures with the budget and analytical rewiew

Monitoring FRS & Tax Management


Closing procedures for qualifying production costs

Contract local Account or Public Auditor

Final Report to verify conformity of expenditures

Film Rebate Reimbursement by Board of Investment

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Production Management

GREAT WATERFALL FILMS provides an amazing wealth of knowledge that crosses over into various film departments and take pride in managing any type of costs within the number of layers in the production budget that we are given.

Average 10-12 hrs daily sunlight, all-year warm tropical climate!

official trailer

Five Minutes to Tomorrow

Mystery Thriller

director: Isao Yukisada
production company: Universal Pictures
production manager: Rob Stanic, Mauritius
distribution company: TOEI Tokyo, Japan

official trailer

The Breakup Guru

Romantic Comedy

director: Deng Chao
production company: Enlight Pictures Shanghai
production manager: Rob Stanic, Mauritius
distribution company: Enlight Media Group Shanghai

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official trailer

Trouble in the Tropics

Family Comedy/Drama

director: Andi Niessner
production company: TNF Films, Munich, Germany
production manager: Rob Stanic, Mauritius
distribution company: Red Arrows International

Mauritius / Reunion


Mauritius ambitious economy has enabled the development of a superb business framework and a package
of attractive fiscal and non-fiscal incentives to international film producers.

Contemporary architectural designs and state-of-the-art residences & shopping malls and an exquisite urban lifestyle with great hospitality.

The entertainment industry is going through an innovative revolution. Content producers are finding new ways to tell their stories across multiple platforms. Entrepreneurs, business leaders and creative luminaries in film, entertainment and media are looking into innovative financing, marketing and distribution strategies for exceptional opportunities.

Welcome to the exchange of new ideas, making new contacts and exploring global business models.

Welcome to Mauritius!

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Robert Stanic
Producer Mauritius

Breakup Guru Deng Chao
Trouble in the Tropics Andy Niessner
Five Minutes to Tomorrow Isao Yukisada
21 Moments of Photography Jan Novak
Dream Society T.Hafenbraedl
Jewels of Fantasy R.Stanic

Head of Advertising – Honda Motor Europe
Head of Advertising – Production Departments
Head of TV- J.Walter Thompson

Robert Stanic has been involved in the production of three features in Mauritius after an intense working period in the European advertising industry, he is now focused on developing, producing cutting edge pioneering creative film content



Robert Stanic


9th Floor, Ebene Tower 52, Cybercity, Ebene Mauritius

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